As the ancient Greek hero Theseus you must escape the labyrinth! To do that you'll have to get some help from the minotaur, whether he's willing to or not...


  • WSAD to move / Space to dodge
  • Virtual joystick and dodge button on mobile

Tools used:

  • Unity
  • Aseprite
  • Bfxr


Originally made in 72 hours for Mini Jam 48: Teamwork.

Later continued as part of Major Jam: Isolation.

Theme: Teamwork

Limitation: The player can not attack

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure, Survival
Made withUnity, Aseprite, Bfxr
Tags2D, Escape Game, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen, Smartphone


labyrinth.apk 28 MB
Download 29 MB

Development log


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I think you only have to go through 3-4 levels before you are actually at the end. Idrk bc I was just playing to pass time.

This is a great game! Great for passing time.

Very cool game. I like the parts where you have to use your Enemy to get to the end 😄

A Really Fun Fast Paced Game, id Love if it got more content, more complex dungeons to explore with puzzles to solve while always worrying about the ever present threat of the minitour.


awesome game

Very, very nice, played Fastest Gun first, now checking out your other games here. Pretty cool! Only thing that would've been nice is that you can stay in the last achieved level when you die. For all the rest, it's exciting, it's hard but do-able, it has nice bonuses you want to find, it has impact. Very, very good!

thank you for this wonderful game, so much fun. beautiful gameplay. what a gem!

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This is the most fun I've had from an indie game on until now. Very simple yet super entertaining.

Personally, I thought the sfx needs some tuning/balancing since it sounds a bit harsh sometimes. I know bfxr sounds are by default like this, but some adjustment might help.

Simple, yet very well done and enjoyable


Tested the game and liked it so much!

I have only one problem, the game isn't too difficult, but it is frustrating to repeat all the levels when I've already completed them. 

I think a checkpoint system could really help improving the experience.
But keep up with that work, really good game!

Hi, thanks for your feedback!

I wanted the game to be a roguelike, so that's the reason for no checkpoints. I think if the levels were more diverse, with a different tileset etc. it would be perhaps less frustrating. After death you'd be returning to a level different than the one you died in, so you wouldn't feel like nothing changed.

It might need to become easier though, not sure. I don't think many players are currently able to finish it, even though it's pretty short.

Amazing game! 

Fancy gameplay and Nice sprites!

Bloody amazing

Absolutely loved this game. Amazing work!

Loved this game! Congrats!!! :D


=D very good game, i like it!