Fastest Gun in the West has moved

The new, post-jam version that will receive all future updates, can be found here.

This jam prototype has been preserved for historical purposes.


Fastest Gun in the West

You are the fastest gun in the West. However, every lowly thug (and snake) out there wants to challenge that title - show them their place.

#1 game of the GamesPlusJam2021


  • Aim with mouse / finger
  • Shoot with left mouse button / single touch
  • Reload with right mouse button / double touch


PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, Western
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


fastest_gun.apk 23 MB
Download 26 MB

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Fun and addictive! :D

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Hey Ralh, I just wanna say this is a great game (and I know this is probably too much to ask) but could you either make the enimies slower or give the character more hearts. Btw again this is a great game and one of my favorites

Hey Ralh, been loving the game, I just had a suggestion which  would be pretty cool. I was just thinking there should be an option or maybe a reward for surviving a certain amount of time that allows you to have a 60s/70s western filter over the game, like the OG movies, similar to Cup Head's B/W option. Not sure if that's anywhere near possible, but I think it be a nice addition.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion - cosmetic options/rewards are certainly something I've been thinking about. Though I'm not sure what you mean exactly - which particular aspect of the "60s/70s western look" did you have in mind that could be applied via a filter? I guess very old westerns were in black and white, but I don't think that's what you meant.

Something similar to this:

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Very fun, loved it! Current record is 176 seconds but I think that was a fluke as I've not gotten anywhere close since. Best sound design of any game I've played 10/10.😃


Loved Everything about it! It's just so good!

Big like here! A lot has been said below already, but indeed, it's a simple mechanic, but tuned to perfection up until the satisfying 'bang!' sound and the bullets that the shooter shakes out of the gun. I like this very much! Playing on a PC btw, not sure if I'd like this mobile, didn't try yet though.

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(Pic doesn't seem to be working)
81s / 61 / 88% / 76,7%

Getting better at it. Snakes and balloons are annoying me most currently.

Deleted 1 year ago

Interesting, can you please tell me more about the device you're on? Desktop, mobile? What operating system? Is there something else unusual about it, maybe it's very old for example? What actually happened, did anything display at all?


You know, this actually *almost* works great on mobile browsers! If you're doing an update, maybe you should make it so it reloads if you left click on the ammo icons in the top right corner?


It's funny, I originally thought there's no way it could be fun on mobile with those controls, but indeed, it sort of works. For now it's possible to reload with a two finger tap (strange Unity touch->mouse mapping), but of course that's hardly usable.

I'm going to release a post-jam update, including an Android version, when the voting ends (Sunday). I was thinking about a mobile-only reload button below the cowboy, but I'm still considering my options.


Fun game! Any chance of a keyboard shortcut for reloading? Right-click on a touchpad is awkward. 


Sure, great idea!

I added the R key as a reload button alternative. Thanks for pointing this out!

Works great! My best time went from about 30s to 60s. :) I really like how you're forced to count how many bullets you have left.

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fun game!  i got to 215 seconds after some tries. probably will try to beat that tomorrow.

Simple and fun game

this is one of the most satisfying games on this site. i feel like simple games like this that nail one very fun mechanic, instead of trying to make the biggest game ever,turn out better. its a really great game that i love nailing a head shot on. a testament to the power of simplicity in game design.

I really love this, but I'm pretty not great.This is the best I can seem to manage.

I just reached 51s as well on my 4th try. It's friggin' hard though to get better, I think. But still trying :)

This is fantastic man. First of all, the animations and sound design are top notch here. This game is so simple yet each fire of your gun has this satisfaction to it. What's also really great here is the hitboxes - nailing a headshot feels rewarding, which also relates back to the feedback you get from the animations and sound designs.

When people are studying game design I suggest they look at things like this rather than taking on huge projects and systems. The most important thing to a video game is the feeling of the feedback that your actions have in the game. (this is often called "juice" in game design circles)


Thanks everyone for all the kind words!

I updated the game with a small bugfix - previously it was possible to cheat the timer by pausing the game at the right moment, now it no longer is.

Finally we find out who's got the fastest hand on!



Really good, everything is really on point, the difficulty, the shooting, the animations, sound... really impressed here.

The fastest gunner should be Lucky luke 

Great game. The feeling of shooting and carrying is really good and the challenge is just right.


This is really dope. The feedback that you give the player feels incredibly good and rewarding.

The polish put into the impact of your shots (especially when landing a headshot) makes what is on the surface a very basic concept an exciting and addicting experience! Awesome work!


This just oozes style.  The poncho rippling in the wind, the flickin' of the cigar, the bullets dropping when reloading, the pose, death animations, music choice and head shots - It all oozes style.  Simple to understand mechanic which is great for a jam game.  This game is absolutely great.  Well done and thank you for making this.